I put off having my building demolished, even though it was a huge liability, because I thought I couldn't afford it. With the amount of material Regal was able to salvage I ended up paying NOTHING out of pocket! John C., Detroit, MI Read More Testimonials

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Regal Rigging & Demolition is a licensed demolition contractor with expertise in non-explosive demolition. Using the most up-to-date technology, we offer a fast, safe and professional licensed demolition service. Our environmentally friendly demolition service is available to commercial businesses and the general public throughout Michigan and the surrounding states.


We’ll make sure we complete your demolition project safely - our expert staff will carry out a full analysis of your building and assess risks before deciding on the best procedure. When it comes time to make the deconstruction plan, we’ll save you money and protect the environment at the same time by reducing waste to landfill and recycling or reusing everything we can. Finally, our advanced technology and precision techniques ensure we’ll provide you with top quality work at the best rates.

 Our Low-Cost Guarantee

We're partnered with the area's leading metal recycling facility, allowing us to offset the cost of your demolition or rigging project by salvaging all recoverable building assets. We give you the best value on all materials in the form of equitable credit towards our work. In some cases, we'll even pay you to allow us to demolish your building.

When you call Regal Rigging & Demolition to carry out your demolition project, we’ll start by providing a custom quote for your project based on the scope of work you want carried out. We’ll go through your property and create a plan for deconstruction and recycling, and we’ll let you know what we can reuse, what we can recycle, and what must be properly disposed of.

Contact us today to discuss your demolition requirements, with no obligation at all. We will be happy to go through your project with you and help you to decide the most appropriate demolition service for your needs.
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